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All 7Oaks Engineered wood flooring is guaranteed for 20 years as outlined below provided that the flooring has been installed in accordance with the installation instructions. Due to being a natural wood product, it can be expected that approximately 5% of the contents of each box is considered waste. This limited warranty is given to the original purchaser and is NON-TRANSFERABLE, subject to the procedures, conditions, limitations, disclaimers and exclusions set forth herein.



Every box of 7Oaks Engineered wood flooring is carefully inspected prior to shipment by the factory. Consumers and installers must inspect planks for visual defects PRIOR TO INSTALLATION.


7Oaks Engineered wood flooring is designed to withstand normal moisture or dryness. When installed and maintained in strict accordance with 7Oaks Floor’s installation and maintenance instructions, floors are guaranteed against damage caused by normal moisture or arid conditions.


All wood floors will eventually darken, fade or lighten depending on the species and how exposed they are to the sun. This warranty does not cover colour deterioration resulting of sunlight sensitivity.

Prevention There are a few ways that, when combined, can greatly slow down the process of fading/darkening/bleaching of floors:

• Area-rugs and furniture should be shifted regularly to promote even exposure of the floor to light.
• Window coverings such as drapes, curtains, shutters or blinds will drastically cut down on any UV and infrared light from reaching the floors.
• Window films – Apply this specialty film (ie. 3M) to your windows to cut down UV rays while still allowing some visible light to come in.
• Awnings – retractable or stationary designs will help blocking sun’s harmful rays from damaging your floors.
• Low-E glass windows – If building a new home or renovating and swapping out windows, consider low-emissivity glass windows to limit the amount of UV light from hitting your floors.

Solutions If your floors have already faded, then the only (and best) option to solve the issue is by sanding and refinishing the floors.


20-Year Domestic & 10-Year Commercial Limited Wear Warranty Conditions

Warranties apply for as long as the original purchaser owns and resides in the home where the product was installed –

• Flooring must be installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions.
• Flooring is intended for indoor use only and should not be used outdoors.
• Flooring is not suitable for installation in areas of high humidity such as saunas and baths.
• Surface wear or damage is not the result of accidents or abusive conditions such as, but not limited to: damage caused by severe impact, scratching or cutting, or improper maintenance.
• Surface wear must be readily visible and excludes reduction in gloss.
• Variation or reduction in gloss or sheen is not considered wear under this warranty.

Hairline finish splits can occur due to shrinkage from high temperatures and extreme changes in humidity levels. If installing in a dry climate area, over radiant heat, or in situations where dry conditions are expected such as highrise buildings, the flooring should be acclimated with the ends of the boxes opened for 2-3 weeks prior to installation to ensure proper acclimation. HVAC systems should be operating normally throughout the acclimation period, and portions of the flooring should be distributed to acclimate in the actual rooms where each portion will be installed. Slight surface checking (cracking), particularly at the ends of planks, should be expected in installations over radiant heat and does not constitute a product failure. This flooring is not warranted for installation over electric radiant heat systems. Only hydronic systems are approved. Floors warrants that wood flooring will not be damaged by the effects of normal moisture or dryness when removed promptly. This water warranty specifically excludes damage caused by sustained water exposure such as leaking appliances, including but not limited to: dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators, hydrostatic pressure, overflows of fixtures resulting in subsurface penetration, standing water, urine or other corrosive liquids, excessive subsurface penetration or moisture emissions from concrete, leaking pipes or faucets, flooding or natural disasters.

• 7Oaks Engineered floors may be installed over hydronic radiant heated subflooring. To prevent buckling, warping, and cupping, NEVER change the temperature of radiant heated subfloors by more than 3°C each day. Before installing 7Oaks Engineered floors, radiant heat systems must have been tested and operational for at least three weeks. Surface temperature of the subfloors MUST NEVER exceed 22°C. Abruptly turning on or off the radiant heat system can cause crowning and cupping of the boards which will not be covered by warranty.
• Humidity should be between 35-55% and must be maintained throughout the year. Maintaining humidity levels may require use of a humidifier or dehumidifier.
• Temperature should be maintained between 15-22°C.
• A moisture barrier is required over concrete or gypsum floors and moisture retardant is recommended for wood subfloor.
• Moisture of concrete subfloors or other subflooring must be tested prior to installing the floor. Written documentation of the moisture test must be obtained to validate this warranty
• It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that product delivered is the product that has been chosen.


• Improper installation and abuse from cleats, stiletto heels, unprotected furniture legs, indentations, scratches, pet claws, sand, rocks and circumstances causing abnormal or excessive wear.
• Bending or bowing of boards may occur along length direction as a result of humidity and temperature fluctuations; however, bowing should settle once pieces are installed. All boards which are bowed less than 1.1% of the total length of the board are considered normal.
• Seasonal changes in humidity and temperature may cause expansion and contraction of floor boards, known as cupping or gapping. Boards should return to normal once humidity and temperature have returned to normal conditions. Humidity and temperature should be carefully monitored and use of a humidifier or dehumidifier may be necessary. Gapping generally occurs in periods of excessively low humidity while cupping occurs in periods of excessively high humidity.
• Damage from sub-floor moisture, flooding, leaking plumbing, overflowing sinks or similar moisture related damages.
• Alterations or repairs of the product will void any and all express and implied warranties. No warranty is provided to cover repairs.
• Slight surface checking (cracking), particularly at the ends of planks, should be expected in installations over radiant heat and does not constitute a product failure.
• Damage from natural disasters, weather or other extreme environmental conditions.
• Damage caused by improper maintenance, misuse, or improper alterations of the product from its original form.
• Stains, including those caused by pets, or insect infestation after the product leaves the factory. Chemical or industrial product stains do not apply under this warranty. Refer to the maintenance instructions included on the warranty.
• Some squeaking, popping or crackling is normal and can occur after staple or nail-down installation.
• Squeaks caused by improper inspection or construction of subfloor are not covered by warranty. Subfloor separating from the joist can cause squeaking which is not covered under warranty. This can happen with temperature and humidity changes or when new construction settles, changing the levelness of the subfloor. When the wood moves up and down on the pulled nail, it can cause the floor to squeak, therefore, it is recommended that the subfloor is screwed down rather than nailed down to prevent squeaking.
• Natural expansion and contraction that may cause cracks or separation between boards or damage caused by low or extremely high humidity.
• This warranty excludes dissatisfaction with colour, shade, texture variations from samples or printed colour illustrations or representations of 7Oaks Floor products.
• Use of unapproved tape on the wood surface will void wear warranty.
• All hardwood floors will scratch and dent depending on living conditions. Scratching and denting are excluded from warranty claims.
• Inadequate product choice for flooring application and environment.
• Colour, grain pattern and/or texture variations are a natural occurrence due to species, age and exposure to ultraviolet light. These natural variations in wood tone, colour and grain are not considered defects. New or replacement flooring may not match sample flooring or existing flooring exactly.


Any claim under this limited warranty shall be made by contacting your retailer within thirty (30) days after the defect is detected, with proof of purchase along with a copy of installation instructions and warranty included with the product. This warranty covers the repair or replacement, at the manufacturer’s option, of the affected flooring panels. If repair is not commercially practicable, or if the design or model line that is claimed for is no longer available, the manufacturer will replace the affected materials with another design or model of equal value. The above constitutes the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for claims under this limited warranty. This limited warranty constitutes the entire agreement between parties.


This limited warranty does not create for or impose upon the manufacturer any obligations or liabilities arising from any other warranties, express or implied, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Under no circumstances can 7Oaks be held responsible or liable to the customer or any other person for any loss of time, inconvenience, expenses, costs, or other incidental, special, or consequential damage and disclaims liability for breach of any other express implied warranties with respect to this product. 7Oaks is under no obligation to reinstall or replace warranted planks or cover reinstallation costs. No obligation to replace or repair shall be extended to any subfloor materials, adhesives, supplies or other materials used during removal, installation or refinishing. The repair of defective product material or the supply of replacement product, are the sole remedies. Some jurisdictions do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the foregoing exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages may not apply. This limited warranty gives the customer specific legal rights. Such rights may vary from one jurisdiction to another. This warranty shall not be deemed to have failed its essential purpose while 7Oaks is willing to repair or replace defective goods. Any replacement of goodwill is for ONE TIME ONLY and all expressed warranties are NON-transferable.

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